Desert 4x4 Rental UpingtonDesert 4x4 Rental UpingtonDesert 4x4 Rental UpingtonDesert 4x4 Rental UpingtonDesert 4x4 Rental UpingtonDesert 4x4 Rental UpingtonDesert 4x4 Rental Upington

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles can I hire?

  • At Desert 4×4 we offer from standard 4×4’s to fully equipped 4×4’s and 2 – 4 sleeper trailer.
  • See all Vehicles for Hire

Where is Desert4x4 Situated?

  • Desert 4×4 is based in Upington.
  • We deliver and collect throughout Southern Africa.

Where can I rent a car?

  • At Desert 4×4 car rental, you can rent a vehicle, with incredible standards and personal attention to your needs.

Can I reserve a specific model or colour?

  • If we quote for a specific model is it available at the time of the quotation. If the renter shows interest in the rental can it be guaranteed. Vehicles are in high demand and availability cannot be guaranteed after 7 days.

What are the other costs I am looking at?

  • Rates will vary depending on the vehicle you select. Fixed rates come in the form of the additional waiver cover that varies depending on the selected car. Our rentals include 300 km per day. There is an excess km charge . The deposit is 30% of the quoted amount and confirm your booking.

What type of driver’s license do I need?

  • If you can drive in your country and have a valid unendorsed driver’s license.

What age do I need to be to rent a vehicle from Desert 4×4 Rental Service?

  • You are required to be older than 21 and have been in possession of an unendorsed license for a minimum of two years.

What payment methods will be accepted?

  • We accept any of the following credit cards when you collect your vehicle in South Africa: MasterCard Credit card, Visa Credit. Eft is also acceptable in South Africa. No Cheque or Debit cards will be accepted.

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